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Lefkada is famous all around the world for its exotic, picturesque beaches, the clear, mesmerizing azure of its waters and the ideal weather conditions that favour extreme sports such as windsurfing and kite surfing. Some of the most adored - and definitely most photographed - beaches of Greece and the Mediterranean can be found in Lefkada: Egremni, Porto Katsiki, Agiofylli and Kathisma.

In Porto Katsiki abrupt white cliffs reach down and touch the deep blue sea in a breathtaking scenery that will enchant all your senses. The small gulf of Porto Katsiki in its unique rocky landscape offers a small haven for lovers of isolation and beauty, topped with a mesmerizing view of the Ionian Sea like no other. Porto Katsiki is hardly organized, to preserve the natural beauty of the landscape, but there are a few basic facilities on top of the cliff, before you reach the beach.

Egremni is a thin, long strip of white sand and shiny pebbles that stretches along a magnificent barren cliff, creating an exotic setting that has captured the hearts of thousands of visitors over the years, who chose to come back to this amazing beach over and over again. Although the beach of Egremni is fairly organized, with umbrellas, sunbeds and a couple of beach bars, it generally gives out a sense of isolation and serenity, a perfect setting for laid back vacations and idyllic evenings admiring the gorgeous sunset.

Kathisma is yet another beach that gives out an exotic, outlandish feeling. Its thin, endless white sands seem to belong to another world, and those so lucky to visit it fall instantly in love with its magical ambiance and the captivating landscape. In Kathisma - which literally means “seat” in Greek – you can admire an enchanting sunset, where the sun slowly dives into the majestic colours of the sky and the sea and for a few moments seems to “seat” before it is completely gone beyond the horizon. Kathisma has a wide selection of beach bars with dj events and fine dining.

The beaches of Agios Ioannis and Vassiliki are ideal for windsurfing and the beach of Mylos is probably the top destination in the Mediterranean for kite surfing. In all these beaches you can find centers that offer equipment for rent, as well as courses for aspiring surfers under the supervision of certified and professional trainers. At the far end of the Vassiliki bay, at the foot of a large rock, lies the charming white sand beach of Agiofylli. The location is rather secluded, as it is not accessible by car but there are frequent boat rides from Vassiliki beach.